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    It is based on Italian and – more specifically – on regional excellence and aims at exalting the flavours of the ingredients we select with a respectful approach to the seasons, the territory, the growers and farmers, giving life to a virtuous circle in which our guests are involved too.

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    A free interpretation of local and Italian ingredients and specialities


    La Gattabuia

    Is a restaurant situated in the historic centre of Matera, a few steps away from Piazza del Sedile, in a suggestive location: a sottano (antique house below street level) which once held the city jail. Finely renovated today, it has maintained its stone barrel vaults, which create a mix of light and shadow, as well as some typical windows which remind the history of one of the most unique cities in the world.

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    Surrender to the flavours of Basilicata! Discover our irresistible Lunch Menu today and immerse yourself in an unprecedented culinary journey. Explore the perfect pairings of still and sparkling wines with appetisers and traditional pasta dishes. Click here to tantalise your taste buds now!

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    Savor the extraordinary flavors of our exquisite menu. Discover dishes like our tantalizing tempura cod, the appetizing Cacio e Pepe Fusilloni, the succulent pork belly, the exclusive cannolo from La Gattabuia, and much more.

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    Is rich in connections and disjunctions. Eternally split between two names (Lucania and Basilicata), divided by Apennine Mountains and demarcated by two seas (the Tyrrhenian and the Ionian seas). Land of crossings, trades and diverse cultural influences, Basilicata offers a fascinating journey amongst nature, history and internationally-known food and wine traditions.

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