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    The kitchen and the wine cellar

    In our kitchen

    Our cooking is typically Italian and more particularly inspired by the local area. It meets the value of our culinary tradition and aims at featuring its savoury. Therefore it is based on simple peasant dishes revisited in a creative way, with influences from the neighbouring regions of Puglia and Campania.

    Raw material

    Local beans such as chickpeas, fava beans and wild peas cannot miss, as pork meat and lamb meat from the Lucanian Dolomites often play a leading role in our menu, as well as local sausages and cured meats (pezzente, capocollo). Of course the famous Materan bread, caciocavallo cheese, canestrato di Moliterno and the crusco pepper from Senise are not missing either.

    Our cheese list features goat cheese and podolico (a local cattle breed) caciocavallo from the Materan hills, in addition to canestrato di Moliterno.
    Capocollo (cured meat) from Martina Franca, made from Lucanian black swine, and prosciutto are simply unmissable.

    Extra virgin olive oil

    The olive oil we use is exclusively extra virgin and 100% from Basilicata, selected by local varieties; cultivar Majatica from San Mauro Forte; Ogliarola from Bradano; cultivar Racioppa and Pasola from Albano di Lucania; and Coratina lucana from Montescaglioso.
    Our purpose here is to sublimate the intrinsic flavour of the products thanks to the EVO’s range of olive oils, preparing recipes rich in contrasts, yet carefully balanced – as Italian culinary methods require.


    Our cellar is mostly made up of Italian wine, with particular interest in the Lucanian terroir (Matera D.O.C. and Aglianico del Vulture). We pay much attention to small winemakers, although prestigious and better-known brands are not missing.

    We also pay great attention to spirits, especially Scotch and Bourbon. We also have a wide selection of French and Italian spirits (Cognac, Armagnac, Grappa, Brandy and Vermouth) as well as Caribbean Rum and Gin.