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    Lunch and dinner menu, tasting menus, à la carte. The proposals follow the seasonality of the products.

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    In the heart of Matera, stands La Gattabuia, a place where tradition blends with sophistication.

    Here, every day, bonds are built and strengthened, creating a welcoming and familiar atmosphere!

    With the passion for cuisine that characterizes it, La Gattabuia brings to the table the finest products, transforming every meal into a true culinary journey in search of unique flavors. La Gattabuia is the ideal place to immerse oneself in the culinary tradition of Matera, savoring exquisite dishes that represent the gastronomic excellence of this ancient city.


    Unique experience
    in the heart of Matera


    Lunch Menu

    Surrender to the flavours of Basilicata! Discover our irresistible Lunch Menu today and immerse yourself in an unprecedented culinary journey. Explore the perfect pairings of still and sparkling wines with appetisers and traditional pasta dishes. Click here to tantalise your taste buds now!

    Lunch Menu

    lunch menu la gattabuia


    Dinner Menu

    Savor the extraordinary flavors of our exquisite menu. Discover dishes like our tantalizing tempura cod, the appetizing Cacio e Pepe Fusilloni, the succulent pork belly, the exclusive cannolo from La Gattabuia, and much more.

    Dinner Menu

    • Not just a lunch, but a true experience. The location is very well-maintained, with a modern decor that perfectly blends with the ancient architecture of the rooms. The staff is polite and knowledgeable. Excellent dishes, born from the research and regeneration of the region's gastronomic roots.
      Biagio Giurato
    • The hospitality and attention to the guest's well-being are interpreted impeccably and naturally. The culinary proposals, surprising in their preparation methods, with the use of traditional products, have something new in taste, reminiscent of ancient flavors.
      Renzo Fratton
    • A place where you eat wonderfully well, where you are welcomed with a smile and pampered... a very well-kept location with top-level dishes but with more than fair prices for the quality offered... if you come to Matera, eating at this restaurant will make your stay even more unforgettable.
      Mario Panzone
    • Locale Top Quality for ingredient quality and cuisine. Simply wonderful, there are no better words to describe the incredible culinary experience. Unforgettable dining experience.
      Antonio Fontana
    • We had dinner at La Gattabuia, and it was a gastronomic experience of the highest level from every point of view. The location was very welcoming and elegant, the owners were very kind and the dining room manager was prepared and very professional. The chef, who was very young but already had great experience, presented a menu that was respectful of tradition but with remarkable innovative touches.
      Sergio Gallo