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    Our restaurant in Matera

    Amongst the most ancient cities in the world, Matera stands on the Murge plateau, just behind a large karstic ravine, the gravina, characterised by the presence of numerous caves dug into the calcareous rock, once used as dwellings. In Roman times, the city was provided with walls, as the Sassi – the ancient area along the Gravina slope rich in cavernous labyrinths – were preserved. Named a UNESCO World Heritage, it is today matter of recovery and cultural enhancement.
    The restaurant is set in a sottano (antique house below street level), first designated as city jail, in strada degli Scarpari in Matera, a few steps away from Piazza del Sedile, the square which, in the 16th century, was the core of the city, the Seat of the city hall as well as some warehouses, taverns and shops.
    Cucina La Gattabuia

    A fine cuisine

    For our guests we only choose high-quality seasonable products from all over Italy and more specifically from local areas.
    Making our cooking recognisable and savoury is an absolute must for us. Therefore we are always looking for new combinations and we aim at emphasising in a respectful way the quality of the ingredients we use in each dish.
    In addition, our approach binds to the economic and social sustainability of the territory, putting into practice the principle of reciprocity: favouring local producers for products of excellent quality.

    Who we are

    La Gattabuia comes out of the enthusiasm of Angelo, Giuseppe and Stefano, three friends with a shared passion for good cuisine and fine wine. They work with a close and dynamic group of young professionals inclined to experiment. In constant search for new sources of inspiration, our staff also often collaborate with specialised and innovative suppliers from all over Italy.
    Our cooking is about combining raw materials with balance and creativity, expressing our free interpretation of Italian fine cuisine.

    From 2023, the young chef Giorgio Lavermicocca will be leading the kitchen work. He is a person with numerous national and international experiences. He has trained in establishments such as La dame de pic (2 Michelin stars) at the Four Seasons Hotel at Trinity Square in London; Simon Rogan (1 Michelin star), also in London, working alongside chef Oli Marlow; Ristorante Due Camini at Borgo Egnazia (1 Michelin star), located in Savelletri (Brindisi), in Puglia. To break free from the traditional patterns and explore new horizons of taste, there is no verb more suitable than evadere in this case, given the old use of the establishments, starting from traditional ingredients.

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    The restaurant is open from Monday to Sunday, from 12.30 pm to 2.30 pm and from 18.30 pm to 11.00 pm.
    Closed on Thursday all day long and on Friday at lunch.